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VIRCONA was created for nonprofit educational use only. Only Native American artists represented in the University of New Mexico's Bunting Visual Resource Library's catalog to its collections are included in VIRCONA. Artists are added to the library's catalog when images of their art are accessioned into the collections at the request of College of Fine Arts teaching faculty to support College curricula. VIRCONA contains surrogate thumbnail representations of slides from vendors, agencies and individual artists and donors. VIRCONA also contains surrogate thumbnail representations of photographs from books, exhibition catalogs, periodicals, and artist's promotional postcards. These thumbnails are provided as a visual aid in identifying the artwork as a functional part of the cataloging process.

Because the slides and photographs that these thumbnails represent might be copyrighted, publishable images are not part of VIRCONA. Users of VIRCONA are cautioned against any unauthorized use of copyrighted images or information. As an aid to the users of the database, VIRCONA makes every effort to include image source information in each artwork's entry. By contacting this source you might be able to learn more about the suppliers and/or copyrights for publishable images of the artworks documented in VIRCONA. VIRCONA makes no claim that the source mentioned is the only source of publishable images of the artwork, or the holder of copyright. The artwork's source information simply identifies the source of the image in our library.

Neither the VIRCONA project itself nor the staff of the BVRL are chartered to assist others in obtaining reproduction rights for images of the artwork represented in the database. Thus VIRCONA does not attempt to identify the actual holder of copyright. However, the vendor, agency, donor, or publication listed in the artwork's source information is a likely starting point for information concerning reproduction rights. Because publishers are often not the copyright holders of images, you may need to consult the publication itself for information on ownership of individual images. If there is insufficient information in the publication, you may need to consult the publisher in order to contact the author or authors.

The VIRCONA database may be subject to copyright by the University of New Mexico. Anyone seeking to make use of VIRCONA for other than nonprofit educational uses should contact the University's Intellectual Property Office. Any holder of copyright of material presented in or referenced in VIRCONA who are concerned about its inclusion in VIRCONA is urged to contact the VIRCONA staff to request its removal from VIRCONA.